What is Storm Club?

Club program geared towards those athletes who want to put in the time, effort and dedication to play lacrosse at a more competitive level.

Program Benefits:

  • Multiple practice times gives multi activity athletes the ability to fit lacrosse into their schedule at least 1 day per week

  • Players who are solely focused on lacrosse, you have option to play up to 3 times per week

  • Flexibility, Storm Club Lacrosse wants to provide options to give club players to opportunity to keep a stick in there hand so that they can compete

  • Team and Individual focused practice help to create a well rounded player.

What is MethodLax?

Clinics focused on player development

Focused on players who love lacrosse, however are not ready to commit to our annual club. MethodLax provides seasonal clinics for the ultimate flexibility.

Program Benefits:

  • An opportunity to give player with multiple activities the ability to fit lacrosse into their schedule at least 1 day per week

  • Seasonal Clinics to meet changing schedules

  • Clinics for individual skills to create a well-rounded player.

  • Great opportunity for players at all levels to grow their skill to be more effective on the field

What is Lax Pass?

One hour classes focused on specific skill sets for current Storm Club, MethodLax or any outside player wishing to improve on specific skills.

This is a class based program focused on individual skills to include goaltending, dodging, shooting, draws and defense. One hour classes will be held multiple times per week. Players do not have to be part of Storm Club or MethodLax to participate.

How do I know which program is best for my child?

Commitment is the main factor in choosing a program that best fits a player’s needs. See chart below for a breakdown.

Is Storm Club or MethodLax better for me?

What is Lacrosse Athlete Development Model?

LADM, run in conjunction with US Lacrosse, focuses on introducing young laxers (grades 1-4) to the game of lacrosse. This program is run like a clinic in a fun and friendly format. Town youth programs can set-up clinics run specifically for their town players.

What is the average cost of a tournament?

One day tournaments: $85

Two day tournaments: $145

What is Sports Recruits?

Sports recruits is a recruiting tool included in the club membership fee for all Storm Club high school players. Each player will create a profile with pertinent information and film which will be viewed by college coaches. This tool provides direct access to all information on colleges and universities across the country as well as instant connectivity to each lacrosse coach.

What is the commitment level?

We expect our players to attend as many practices and tournaments as possible. The club season runs from September-July. There are approximately 12 practices a month and 1-2 tournaments a month (fall, winter, summer). In the spring our youth players will participate in league games. High school players will not practice in the spring because the first commitment is always the high school team (MIAA rule). We expect players to attend at least 4-6 practices a month. High school players who are in season are expected to attend 3 practices a month. Commitment is important to Storm’s success and the success of each player, and we take that commitment seriously.


Because our programs are supported totally by fees, refunds are not given.

  • NO credit for classes missed or forgotten.

  • NO credit due to participant’s inability to attend a makeup date.

In the case of a medical withdrawal, a refund will be given minus 25% administration fee after the director receives a doctor’s note. In the case of a medical withdrawal, please allow two to three weeks for refund.

  • If a participant withdraws from a program at least seven days prior to the start date, they are entitled to a credit minus a 25% administration fee for every program withdrawal. If a participant withdraws from a program less than seven days prior to the start date, no credit will be issued.

  • NO credit if withdrawal is less than seven days prior to the start date.

  • NO credit once a program has begun.