IT ALL started when...

A passionate group of former lacrosse players wanted to give all girls an opportunity to play the sport they loved. After years of hard work and growth, Storm Club Lacrosse was created.

We call our facility in Westford home. Here, players have access to our turf, wall ball room, strength and conditioning area and best of all, our team room where players will receive video instruction from our coaches or just hang out and watch some great lacrosse games on the flat screen.

our philosophy

At Storm Club Lacrosse, we strive to provide the best experience for each and every one of our players. It is our job to make lacrosse fun and competitive for all players. And we take our job seriously. Between team practices and wall ball sessions, each of our players has the ability to be the best she can be. We provide resources for players to improve, develop and bring her game to the next level.

We provide three practice opportunities a week to meet the busy schedule of multi-sport athletes. Come to one practice a week or come to all three. It is all included in your annual dues. Storm has a very simple formula, the more you practice the better you get which is why we strive to provide easy, flexible practice opportunities for athletes to grow their game.